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Simple reason of why SAM Travel Peru has the best LARES Trekking route to Machu Picchu: Trekking OFF the beaten track which goes through our OWN way, passing isolated communities like CANCHACANCHA where no bus gets and not electricity… stanning LAKES & scenary… 1000% Direct Local tour operator, small groups, best fresh MEALS and best camping equipments and you enjoy the natural hot spring by the end.

SAM Travel Peru is a boutique family owned company in Cuzco, see our experience!

SAM Travel Peru is the best Lares trekking ROUTE OPERATOR IN Cusco.

lares-hike-to-machupicchu lares-hike-to-machu-picchu lares-trail-trek-4-days lares-trek lares-trek-4-days-via-huaran lares-treking lares-trek-peru   sam-travel sam-travel-cusco sam-travel-lares-trek sam-travel-lares-trekking samtravelperu sam-travel-peru sam-travel-peru-lares-trek  trekking-of-lares-to-machu-picchu

lares-trek lares-trek-huaran lares-trekking  sam travel peru tours sam travel peru

lares-trek lares-trek-machupicchu lares-trek-peru lares-trek-to-machu-picchu

lares-trail-trek lares-trek lares-trekking-4-days lares-trek-to-machu-picchu sam-tour-peru trekking-to-machu-picchu

lares-hike-4-days-to-machu-picchu lares-trek lares-trek-4-days lares-trek-to-machu-picchu


sam travel peru 3



lares-trek lares-trek-4-days lares-trekking-to-machu-picchu lares-trek-to-machu-picchu

sam-tours-cusco trek-de-lares-machu-picchu






sam-travel peru


lares trek to machu picchu lares trek lares trekking sam travel cusco sam travel machu picchu SAM Travel Peru-1

lares-trek-hike-machu-picchu lares-trek-m lares-trek-tour-aperator

lares trel

sam travel peru guide

sam travel peru

sam travel-peru

trek to machupicchulares Trek

Lares Trek peru

Lares Trekking 4 days
Lares Trek
lares trek
Our experience as a local tour operator

Lares Trek

lares trek

Lares Trekking to Machu Picchu

lares trekking peru

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